Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fixed my refrigerator!

Again, being as I am so opposed to the disposable lifestyle and not exactly flush with disposable income, I am inclined to fix whatever I can.  I can now state that I have fixed all three of my major appliances at least once.  The dishwasher has been fixed twice.  I couldn't have done it without the resources on the world wide web.  My refrigerator had stopped cooling sufficiently.  The milk spoiled and my wife was sounding mildly alarmed.  I said, "Relax.  Don't worry, I'll fix it."  I don't think she wholly believed me.  I'm not the handiest sort.  I grew up in an apartment and still live in one.  Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that everything can be learned given time and inclination to do so.  I have now replaced the head gasket on one of my cars (Alas, it is no longer with us, though it served well.), fixed my oven, dishwasher and now fridge, not to mention slowly adding skills in the arena of bicycle maintenance.  There is an organization in Lower East Side and Williamsburg, Brooklyn called Time's Up that has brief classes on various aspects of bike maintenance.  I learned at one these classes how to service my hubs and bottom bracket--very useful stuff!

Anyway, back to the fridge.  I learned, surfing the internet, that there are various reasons a fridge might not cool.  The reasons may be related to defrost cycles, airflow, or systemic.  The latter is best left to a pro, but the other two are not difficult to correct.  My problem was airflow.  I opened up the back of my unit to check if the coils were dirty and noticed that the condenser fan wasn't turning.  It happens that it was as simple as that.  I placed a regular fan in the back of the fridge and the problem was solved.  This was good because it kept the fridge working while I waited on the part (a new fan motor) to be delivered.  This part was very easy to replace and my wife was suitably impressed--always a plus!  When I would place my hand on the side of freezer on top, often it was quite warm, but now that is gone.  The new fan comes on quite audibly, and each time it comes on I am reminded that the fridge is working and I fixed it myself.


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