Sunday, December 4, 2011

Guitar lesson and a great bike ride!

As previously stated, I started taking guitar lessons.  I am taking lessons at the East Village Guitar Salon and I am having a wonderful time!  The instructor is a good man and I feel I am getting an excellent introduction to the guitar in particular and music in general.  I am learning to read music, which I thought would be hard, and it really is the best way to learn--it opens more possibilities and it is more versatile than tablature.  The latter is easy, but like many things in life, the seemingly easy route isn't always all it's cracked up to be.  Mr. Davis is an unassuming, modest person.  He's cool, yet not arrogant.  He is obviously learned but not stuffy.  I just need to make more time for practice!  Hence this post may be short. 

Anyway, I biked to the salon because it was both faster and easier.  My soft guitar case has straps and can be carried like a backpack, so it was easy.  As I biked home, I debated going via the East River Park and Promenade, along First Avenue and the Queensboro Bridge (I will never call it the Koch Bridge.).  I had not in a very long time because as I recalled the midtown traffic was horrendous for cycling, but I thought it worth another try.  I am so glad I did.  It was one of the loveliest rides in a very long time.  I came up the park/promenade, which is a wonderful, scenic way to get home.  Upon arriving at 34th Street, I found an excellent bike lane that got a little dicey around the United Nations, but it was totally workable.  The surprises were not over.  Once I crossed the bridge, which was not easy to find my way to, I was so pleased to find a continuation of a very tasteful bike lane on the other side.  When I had last taken that route I found a very disorderly situation on the Queens side of the Bridge, but that impediment is gone.  It was very nice.  I thought to myself, "Sadik-Khan I could kiss you!"  I rarely have such praise for the NYCDOT, but they deserve it this time.  They deserve it for the speed with which they pave roads--they're great!  They should do all the repaving and kick the contractors to the curb!


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