Monday, August 25, 2014

Tire Repair

I had a wonderfully productive weekend, from a cycling perspective at least.  The highlight was that I managed to save a tire that I thought was kaput.  I'd had a blow out that detached the sidewall from the wire bead--thankfully I was not moving fast when it happened--and it looked irreparable, which bummed me out because it was a good tire.  I thought to myself, if only I could sew it back on I'd be good.  Naturally, I also told myself, "Nah, that wouldn't work."  Anyway, the part of me that wanted to fix it prompted me to search the internet  for repair ideas and lo and behold, sewing does fit into the repertoire of tire repair.  The key element is the use of dental floss, which apparently is strong (and gentle) enough to do the job. 

Away I went to the dollar store to obtain a large needle and some waxed dental floss--I do floss, but I use floss picks and wife is away and took the floss with her.  I returned and promptly went to work sewing--I've got some rudimentary skills.  It didn't look too bad when I was done.  I added a new inner tube and put both on the wheel, pumped it up and went for a ride--grocery shopping at my local Chinese supermarket.  It has held very well.  I have already put about 17-18 miles on it.  Tonight, after another 7 and half miles or so, I will add some glue to reinforce it. 

I also adjusted my front side-pull brakes better than my LBS did when I sent it in for a tune-up.  I won't be going back.  I had a wonderful, smooth, late Sunday night ride into downtown Manhattan--it was practically serene, by city standards.  This, along with some ukulele playing and repotting an orchid made the day and illustrated for me, what I am generally aiming for: simplicity and connectedness, or better yet, connectedness through simplicity.  I may rename this blog and move it further in that direction. 

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