Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flat Silver Lining

I got a flat on the way to work today--normally a major bummer, but not today.  It was a slow day at work and I've got lots of time accumulated and its not always easy to take off.  I would have been quite late if I had gone in--it took over an hour for me to walk home, though I wasn't rushing.  I enjoyed the opportunity to look in on places I only pedal by rather rapidly, places I'd been meaning to check out more closely.  One of those places is the Juniors Cheesecake Factory (Yes, they actually make the cheesecakes there.) on Grand Street in Queens--yes, in Queens, not Brooklyn.  They have a small store inside, but it is only open when I am at work, so I seized the opportunity, walked and made a purchase.

It's a Brooklyn Crumb Cheesecake and I am looking forward to sharing it with guests.  This is what it looks like inside.



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