Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cooking more

   There is no way to consistently eat healthy without cooking.  My wife has introduced me to cooking in the crock pot and I find that it is great for cooking beans.  I grew up eating rice and beans, and eating canned beans is okay, but I am never thrilled to eat canned goods.  Cooking dry beans has always been a chore, but no more!  Now I soak the beans of my choice overnight, drain, rinse, add water at a 2:1 ratio and proceed to place them in the slow cooker for the day with a teaspoon of salt.  It cooks for six to seven hours.  When it is done I discard about half the water and use the rest.  I add sofrito, tomato paste, a little more salt and perhaps some chorizo, if I have it.  My next task is making my own sausage, so I won't have to worry about where it came from.  I make my own sofrito already.  Try it.


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