Monday, January 24, 2011

Winter Biking Blues

I have not been biking much at all.  Its been rather depressing actually.  The weather has not been cooperating at all.  We still have ice on the ground from the Christmas blizzard and we've had snowfalls since as well.  The roads are still not clear on many Queens streets, which is irritating because I live so close to Manhattan, but the standards are so different for our streets.  Same city.  Same taxes and government, yet different treatment.  The weather has also been pretty cold to obviously retain that much snow.  Today it is especially bitterly cold.  It is possible for me to ride in this weather, but it is simply not that critical.  It's better safe than sorry for me.  I do not need to bike to work.  I do prefer it though, and I miss it as well.  Luckily, I can afford the subway ride and due to a shift change that train ride has improved considerably.  I still can't wait to get back on the road.