Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Statue in the Park

One of the cool things about biking is that it provides an opportunity to view the world from another perspective.  It's not so different from that of a pedestrian, except that one is much more mobile and tends to see more, with more leisure, because of the ease a of travel a bicycle offers.  It is also so much easier to pull over, contemplate, and even take a picture than when one is driving a car.  I make no claim or pretense to being an artist or photographer.  I just see things I like and take a picture of it and write about it here.  Such is the case with this photo of this statue titled simply, "Valley Forge."  I think it's George Washington and it is located in a park, at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge.  I often whiz by the park as I rush home or go to work, but I do notice the statue.  The park isn't much to look at much of the year.  It's mostly pavement and benches and it's right by the entrance to the bridge in a less than well to do neighborhood.  However, as the weather has been warming up I noticed this rather dignified looking statue increasingly framed by growing green foliage and colorful flowers.  I tried to capture that.  The park is aptly called "Continental Army Plaza."


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