Monday, May 17, 2010

Useful NYC DOT Webpage

In my cyber-travels I came across a NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) webpage.  It essentially seeks to do what Google does, except that it's specially tailored to NYC and its own guidelines and system of road arrangement.  Anyway, for those of you who're interested, this is it:  If you scroll down you'll find bike maps (useful for recreational cycling) and other information about the city's bridges.  I'd really like to do more plain recreational cycling, but it rarely fits into my schedule.

As you can see from the map, the bike system is far from adequate for commuter use, which is why more effort should be put into simply sharing the road with with cars.  Another thing I'd like to see, in keeping with this view, is what roads the city would forbid to cyclists.  A clear message here would be useful.  I don't assume that cycling will work everywhere.  One cannot drive everywhere, or even walk everywhere, so why not establish some clear boundaries for bikes.  One clear no-no is riding on sidewalks.  Another clear one are the highways, but there is a lot in between.  I don't imagine that there would be a lot of roads, but some simply do not have enough space on the right for a cyclist and traffic is too congested to give up lanes in some places. That said, I am pleased that the city appears, from what I have seen so far, to have a commitment to making this city more bicycle-friendly.


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