Saturday, May 22, 2010

Brooklyn Bridge

Yesterday was Bike to Work Day, which is appropriate since May is Bike Month.  Naturally, I felt obligated to bike to work yesterday.  I took a different route yesterday and the day before.  The Williamsburg Bridge is half closed and the available entrance ramp is narrow and the incline is steep, which makes it dangerously crowded, and Grand Street from the Metropolitan Avenue Bridge to Bushwick Avenue is torn up in preparation for re-paving.  I look forward to the re-paved street, but meanwhile, it makes for a bumpy ride and an unnecessary strain to me and my bicycle.  Having no shock absorbers is usually no problem, but not on that road.  Thus, I decided on the Brooklyn Bridge and a Flushing Avenue approach.

The Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway is so full of pedestrians that I nearly felt it was unfair to expect a bike lane on the bridge.  Everything I've written about pedestrians in this blog applied.  Funny thing is I've walked that bridge so many times--it's a wonderful bridge for walking and the views are excellent, but these were the first occasions that I was biking across.  I think I'll keep it that way.  The wood planks along much of the way are not an ideal riding surface.  This coupled with barely enough room to get past pedestrians and a few close calls with fellow cyclists killed the mood.  If the destination is downtown Manhattan, then the Manhattan Bridge is a better choice.  From my direction though, I think I'll stick with the Williamsburg.

The photo above shows the view of the Manhattan Bridge (blue) and the Brooklyn Bridge behind it as seen from the Williamsburg Bridge.  As you can see, they practically take you to the same place. 


At May 25, 2010 at 10:31 AM , Anonymous Jeremy UK said...

I concur. The Brooklyn Bridge is very pleasent to walk over and offers some fantastic sights; best left to the pedestrian who has the time to take them in, as opposed to the cyclist tearing past trying to stay on his vehicle. You need a good bell on your bike to sucessfully navigate that bridge, maybe even a foghorn for maximum effect.


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