Sunday, October 21, 2012

Choices and Elections

Let me begin this post by emphasizing that I do not particularly like our president.  I voted for him, but I was wary.  I preferred Edwards quite frankly and still do.  If we learn that Obama has been true to Michelle, then he would probably be in the minority of presidents--yet again.  Nevertheless, I voted for him and I have regretted it, and I do not think I am alone.  However, while I am usually so principled that I would rather vote for a third party than a wishy-washy candidate, this year I will vote for Obama again.  Why?  You might ask.  Well, this time it's really different. 

The stakes in this election are really high and I don't think folks fully realize it.  The United States of America is at a crossroads.  This is true in so many ways, but right now we are in a fight over whether we continue on the path Ronald Reagan set us on--low taxes for the wealthy and the outsourcing of jobs, or we begin the work of restoring some balance.  We are facing an election war for one reason and one reason alone, Obama wants to end the Bush tax cuts and add a very tiny measure of equity to the tax code.  If Obama loses, America loses.  I don't care for Obamacare.  It takes a bad idea, managed care (Medicaid run by third-party, for-profit, insurance companies), and expands it.  Is it better than nothing?  Sure, but that should not be the standard of measurement.  Am I crazy about the GM bailout?  No.  I would have preferred bankruptcy and had them sold off to American investors, but our laws do not allow such a thing.  We do not have a nationalized automobile industry.  I wasn't crazy about a lot of things, but ending the tax cut trend for the wealthiest Americans is a very big step for us indeed.  Therefore, I hope the president wins. 


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