Sunday, October 24, 2010

"The Bicycle Thief"

The title of this post is also the title of an old foreign film I recommend.  I have not been robbed.  The inspiration for this post came after I rode with my son and stopped for a bite at Wendy's.  We ordered from the Value Menu mind you, but my debit card wouldn't work--my wife had warned that she had to pay the car insurance and we'd be short 'till pay day.  Suddenly, those cheap bikes I ride around on seem a whole lot more valuable.  I was mindful of the fact that my lock wasn't much, so I sat where I could keep an eye on the bicycles.  I used credit to get the boy something to eat, which I am usually loathe to do, but the kid was hungry.  Nevertheless, watching over my bicycles and the cognizance of the fact that I needed them to go to work this week, brought to mind the film I refer to.

The film is set in post-war Italy.  Apparently, unemployment is very high and there is a mob of men waiting for work.  One man is lucky enough to get work, but he needs a bicycle to do the work.  The job involves hanging signs, advertisements, and the bike is the mode of travel used--it's quite a thing to see!  The bicycle has to be redeemed from the pawn shop, which requires some sacrifice for the man and his wife.  Finally, the man is employed and then while he's working someone steals his bicycle!  It's a heartbreaking situation and I won't divulge anymore.  The film was on "instant play" on Netflix, which is how I saw it.  Amazing though, that I should feel a relation to that character, and in this day and age.  I am a frugal man, yet I still have to worry about money.  Not good.  Anyway, here is a link to a trailer I found on YouTube.


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