Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop, Dismount and Walk

The best advice I can give fellow bicycle commuters when faced with challenging traffic conditions is not necessarily the most popular.  Stop, dismount and walk.  It is the most sensible to do and there is no shame in it.  It happens that, like anything else, the bicycle commuter experiences a learning curve and while you're learning go easy on yourself.  As I've emphasized in the past, the rules regarding bicycle commuting are written, yet still developing and widely unenforced as a result.  The traffic patterns are not designed for bicycles, nor do I think they all necessarily should be, but they do need to be friendlier to cyclists.  The hardest thing remains making a left turn, but its not the only problem.  There are intersections that are not even safe for motorists and pedestrians for whom the patterns are designed, so once again, walking is safer and will get you safer treatment when things get crazy.  I recommend it instead of the over-utilization of wrong way cycling that is so common, yet terribly unsafe, or riding on sidewalks.  Go with God friends, and do whatever you must to get from point A to point B safely, while not endangering others.


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